Online Test

Online Assessment is our main product that can replace face-to-face psychometric tests and interview processes. These methods will help us describe psychological profiles, both cognitive and personality aspects, for certain purposes such as employee selection, individual talent mapping, academic purpose, etc.

Most conventional psychometric tests were not prepared to be converted into online tests. Most of these tests were built in the 1920s. For this reason, our R&D team tries to build a valid online test system and make sure that those tests remain authentic according to the theoretical basis and scoring guidelines. Ensure that they are consistent with offline manual tests.


New Psychometric Tools

There are times, as a professional psychologist, you know that the psychometric tests that you have been using are not enough to help in preparing a psychological profile. In Hara Anargya Online Psychometric Tests, we provide many of the latest test, both adapted and developed by Anargya, and have been tested for psychometric’s validity and reliability.

In the advanced tools package service, you will get raw score results from each test (in the form of a master excel file) and also the results of each individual score (in the form of a pdf file). You can use the results of this test as the basis for making an individual psychological report for your organization.


Game-Based Assessment

There are three main purposes of assessment: (a) assessment to assist learning (formative assessment), (b) assessment of individual achievement (summative assessment), and (c) assessment to evaluate programs (evaluative assessment). Nowadays, assessments need to evolve to accurately measure the higher-order skills that people need to be successful in the 21st century. It is believed that game-based stealth assessment is one way to modernize assessments to meet this need. Stealth assessment refers to unobtrusively embedding assessments directly and invisibly into a gaming environment.

Games Based Assessments are games that allow for the measurement of knowledge, skills, values, personality, motivation, or competencies. Game-Based Assessment can promote an organization's employer brand and value proposition, especially with younger candidates, who can have fun and enjoy the game while experiencing less anxiety and less awareness that they are being measured.