Assessment Center

Assessment Center (AC), which simulates real situations in the workplace, is widely used in identifying individuals who have the abilities and skills to succeed in managerial and executive jobs and to help guide the development of managerial skills and talent. We use various methods to identify competencies. Simulations are designed to bring out behavior that is relevant to the most important aspects of the position or level for which the assessees are being considered.

Common job simulations used in assessment centers are

Group discussions

In-basket exercises

Behavior Event Interview

Analysis/decision- making problems

Oral presentation exercises

Written communication exercises

The key features of the assessment center

  1. Multiple competencies that the organization would like to measure and evaluate its candidates or employees on.
  2. Multiple methods to provide candidates or employees with several opportunities to showcase their competencies in different work settings.
  3. Multiple assessors to ensure a fair and objective evaluation of all candidates or employees.
  4. Multiple participants being assessed at anyone.