How it all started

PT Hara Anargya is a leading organization in providing end-to-end human resources consulting including talent recruitment & selection, methodology development, tools implementation, training, workshop, and other services in HR.

Since 2018, PT Hara Anargya has been a strategic partner for companies and institutions in people learning and development through talent technology. Innovation plays a considerable role in the success of our client solution.

What Make Us Different

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer you various specialized solutions in a flexible and personalized way to mak our client’s businesses work.

Cost Effevtive

Methods that we use meet the needs of our clients at the lowest possible cost.

Competitive Advantages

Together with the client, we achive differentiation by providing a unique and relevant solution.

Our Respected clients

Meet The Team

Akbar Ismail

(Frontend Developer)

What's exciting about joining the Hara Anargya team is that we have a healthy work environment and culture, which ensures that the quality of our products is in the hands of productive team members.

Septian Rizky M

(Tech Lead)

It's an honor to be a part of a team that creates such an innovative product. The people here are easy to work with because the environment is very friendly.

Bayu Dava HP

(Backend Developer)

It is a privilege for me to be a member of the Hara Anargya team. Hara Anargya is the best solution for clients because it is created in great detail and in accordance with testing ethics.

Gadis Novianita

(UX & Psycometric Analyst)

Anargya online test has the advantage of being able to compete because it has very comprehensive features such as alternative test tools that can be used online and this psychological test service can be accessed via the web and smartphone.

Rezky Dwi Hanifa

(Research & Development Specialist)

Hara Anargya gives us opportunity to learn and explore many things. Besides that, the psychological instrument at anargya online test had been tested through various analyzes to ensure that these tools are valid, reliable, and feasible to use.

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